14 Times ‘My Taught You Live’ Gave Us Black Girl Magic

Pictured: MJ of Fab Haute Mama, who covered My Taught You Live as a Slay Culture correspondent.

There’s no better #BlackGirlMagic then when one of our own shares her wisdom with us. Wisdom from stories of success, struggles, relationships, therapy, business and being happy. This is what we need. Real women giving us life because they’ve been where we are and understand. And when one of these women is ready to tell us like it is face to face, we show up ready for the message. This week’s lessons in life and business come from our sister friend Myleik of curlBox and the #MyTaughtYou podcast. Here are some of the gems My and her guests dropped during My Taught You Live.

On Visualizing & Manifesting

Write yourself a check for $10,000. Visualize yourself cashing it. Do that as often as you have to then do the work so one day you will be able to cash those checks. If a house is your dream, go visit the house of your dreams and invasion yourself owning it. See yourself there, how you will decorate it and live in it. Then take the next steps. See a realtor, fix your credit, and save your money for the deposit.

People will say you think too big. Let them and then leave them.

Get out of the mindset of saying “I will never take a job that pays me less than X”. You never know what the low or no paying opportunity will bring you. Sometimes you have to put some things out first before you get what you want.

Don’t hate on the thing that pays your bills. Until your passion can cover your daily needs, don’t hate your job.

On Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is not how you look or what you have. It’s not your fly Instagram feed. Your personal brand is what people say and feel about you when you leave the room. Always have grace.

You might be great but you have to put yourself out there. How will people know otherwise?

Stop wasting time. The time you spend scrolling Twitter or Instagram looking at what other people are doing is the time you could be using to build your brand.

The Audience Discussion with Myleik & Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group

Photo was taken by MJ of Fab Haute Mama.

On Etiquette & Familiarity

Sliding into my DM is not how I want to hear from you about your business. Know who you are approaching and how they do business.

Don’t homegirl me. Don’t think that because I am a young black woman, it’s ok to run late or talk over me.

Be the most professional even in the most bizarre environments. Be the boss.

On Realistic Goals for Your Business

There is no such thing as being realistic. ‘Realistic‘ is as big as you want it to be.

Give everything 3 years. You can’t say it’s not working if you haven’t put in the time and the work. I give everything 3 years.

On Sponsors

Look for brands that compliment what you are doing or makes sense for your brand. Do the research to see if these companies have worked with brands like yours before. Be ready to tell the sponsor the value you will bring them.

Put yourself in a place where the show will go on regardless of a sponsor.

On Putting Yourself Out There

Before people can know you are here, you have to know what your core is. Is your message clear? If you can’t tell me what your message, goal, or business is in one sentence then you are not focused and you are not ready to be seen. Know your core.

On Mentors

Mentors find you working. They naturally come when you are doing the work. Be ready for the tough talk. Mentorship is not always comfortable. A mentor is not going to rescue you.

On Reinventing Yourself

Just do it. Be confident with your own know how.

On Standing Out In The Crowd

Keep your brand consistent. Invest in you (and your brand) and be the best you.

Don’t copy what other people are doing. Be inspired but be yourself. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. If it’s not your ministry, don’t do it.

On Self-Care & Self-Love

Have a sense of faith. Believe in yourself. If you believe in something, you will always remember why you started. Move your body. Take time for you. Do something for you before you give yourself to other people.

On Losing Friends (in business and life)

Be ok with being by yourself. You don’t need a lot of people, you need the right people.

Some people are chapters. Some people are pages.

On When They Attack Your Character

Check your ego. Remember the reason you are doing what you’re doing. Keep your mind on that. Accept criticism and make changes if necessary.

On Work Life Balance

You have to work to a place where you can have balance. Things will never be balanced when you first start out. But once you get to a certain point, define your work hours and stick to them. Step away after your work hours. Have something to do. I cook.

On Lessons Learned From Struggle

The struggle taught me how to be responsible with my money and my time.

Being broke taught me to never be broke again. Being broke made me an aggressive saver and to stop wasting my money.

This guest post was written by MJ of Fab Haute Mama, who covered My Taught You Live as a Slay Culture correspondent. Read her most intimate thoughts and takeaways on the event here. Follow MJ on social media at @fabhautemama. 

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