23 Indie Books Written By Black Women Authors

“Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be.” ― Toni Morrison, Beloved

Nothing compares to curling up in fuzzy socks on a winter night and reading a good book. With winter around the corner, we want to make sure that your reading list is stocked with diverse reads spanning multiple genres like anthropolgy, inspirational and the most fun, fictional. Just in time for Cyber Monday and the #BuyBlack movement, we’ve tracked down 23 indie books that were written and published by Black women authors.

*Edited to add three additional books.*


Poetry, Short Stories, Fiction

Daughter of the Diaspora Freedom From Within by Toiia L. Rukuni

This book of poetry was written to transform the ideas and souls of African women around the world while gaining a better understanding of the struggles and challenges that women face on all corners of the earth. The book’s mission is for all women to embrace their natural beauty, and to live a healthy holistic life.

My Channeled Energy: A Collection of Poems & Short Stories by Jennifer Vassel

Positive energy reaches its most fruitful form when emotions, thoughts, experiences, and perceptions are channeled. My Channeled Energy is about a young woman’s journey told through twenty years’ worth of poems and short stories. From life’s challenges to its rewards, the author invites you on her emotional and spiritual quest toward self-actualization—dating back to her primitive years in elementary school, up to her more developed days in college and beyond. Through her personal experiences, the author shares her channeled energy to inspire, revive, and urge others to act in pursuance of channeling their own.

Shorts of Fiction: A Collection of Female Characters by Nealy Gihan

They’re wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends, and so much more. Through these five short stories, female characters are celebrated as heroes, victims and antagonists. From a department store worker who longs for a new pair of shoes to a mother battling cancer and a teenager coming to terms with life after her mother’s death, this collection has it all.

Justified: Due & Just by Jay Elle

Danielle Scott loved a man who she just could not resist and that love turned on her in the worst of ways. These two beautiful, giving people have fallen for the wrong mates. They are both from different worlds, caught up in a sweet manipulation and trapped by calculated seduction. Can they find a way to be together? Everyone gets what’s owed to them as love and revenge are never satisfied. In the end, you gotta have what’s Due and Just, but can real love be truly Justified?

Southern Belles by Audri Luxe

Southern Belles is a novel that takes readers on an emotional and dramatic journey into the lives, hearts and minds of a group of women who are true Southern Belles. Jazzmine Phillips, Chicago native, relocated to Texas and has been there for about two years, in which she has developed a great friendship under the alias Alana Gaines with LaShelle, Natalie, Yolanda and Brittney. When Jazzmine hit rock bottom, nearly being beaten to death, she fled Chicago and never looked back, determined to never let sex and money fuel desperation. When Alana gets a feeling that she may have encountered a shady business deal, she calls on a friend from home to investigate. Alana reluctantly discovers that LaShelles dedication to Slayton, is greater than any regard for Alana’s best interest.

Linden Avenue by Reginia Cordell

Linden Avenue is a contemporary coming-of-age tale about a Charlotte who relocates to Atlanta from a small town in Arkansas. With a series of events that are a far cry from anything that she’s experience, Charlotte wonders if she’s made the correct decision.


Gilded Girls by R.K. Johnson

Gilded Girls is a story of friendship, love, and coming-of-age during the Gilded Age.


What Was Missing by Tracie Momie

what was missing


Self-Help & Inspirational

The Beauty of an Ugly Start by Ella Rucker

Your idea needs a growth process. You can’t pick it up at the jeweler or the florist, you are going to have to do the work. That means an ugly start. And it also means a beautiful finish. This book gets you to a quicker start which means a quicker finish. Now it may not be a beautiful one today, but it will be a lot closer than the one you would have if you don’t start.


Your Abundance Map: Creating Your Happy Abundant Balanced Life by Kimberly Nichole

Living a life of Abundance does not always mean monetary wealth. An abundant life consists of positive relationships, gratitude, financial independence for your lifestyle, and most importantly self love! What you may consider as abundance for you may look very different to someone else and getting to the point of optimal abundance can be a long and hard road, that consists of evaluating and is some cases re-evaluating your current life and the people in it. Your Abundance Map will help you ask the right questions and flush out your thoughts, feelings and ideas in order to set you on the right path to “Your Abundance”


HER Chronicles Book by Jai Stone

This best selling & riveting collection of tales chronicles some of the most pivotal situations and decisions that women face in modern times. These stories of survival, success, sadness, & celebration will dig deep into the twisted roots of womanhood then abruptly return you to the humbling depths of sisterhood. Prepare to experience your full range of emotions as you take this HER triumphant journey.


Proclaim Your Fabulousness by Nicole McLean

Proclaim Your Fabulousness is a book about finding yourself again after breast cancer. From the author:

“Over the years since my diagnosis, I’ve struggled to maintain my feeling of “me” that I felt was lost during the two years I was being treated for this disease. I was thrust into a world that I didn’t know, with language that I didn’t always understand and a lot of very frightening medications, surgeries and treatments… all to save my life.”


A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love: A Self-Help Guide to Loving Yourself Completely by Amber Janae

From lack of self-love, depression, suicidal attempts, abandonment and more. Amber Janae finds a way to document her truth in the most raw, inspirational way possible. Focusing on finding the positives in the negative cards she has been dealt over the years, A Woman’s Quest is a walk through the dark and how the author found her light. A Self help guide to inspire women to overcome their deepest insecurities. The book encourages women to forgive their past hurts, look to the future and never give up on themselves. Amber shares her quest to self-love in hopes to help others set out on their quest to loving themselves completely.


Health, Beauty & Confidence

How to Deal With Dry Natural Hair by Vashti Patrick-Joseph



Diva’s Guide to Getting Fit & Healthy by Patricia Lolo

Are you looking to transform your mind, body, and spirit ? This guide will help you reach your fitness goals: effective workout challenges, weight loss tips, snack list, optimal time to buy fruits and vegetables sheet and more.



How to Execute A Do-It-Yourself Fashion Shoot in 10 Steps by JJ Ghatt

If you’ve ever wanted to create a fashion spread to showcase your talent for agents, agencies, audiences or to help you book that next gig this is the guide book you need to help you produce your own fashion shoot. This easy Do-It-Yourself book is the original how-to. It walks you step-by-step through all the intricate details of the process.



Natural Hair Rules Healthy Hair Guide by Tamara Floyd

Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair is a step-by-step comparison of the two most common L.O.C Methods. This book teaches naturalistas how to properly maintain moisture within their tresses with the best products on the market.



Love, Sex & Relationships

The Girl Talk Chronicles: Advice on How to Manage Love, Lust & Situations by Ariel C. Williams

From being publicly humiliated in the name of love to parlaying between two lovers, The Girl Talk Chronicles: How to Manage Love, Lust & Situations creates dialogue that 20s-somethings can relate to while giving the Dirty 30s something to reminisce on. With a popular and ever expanding platform that fosters girl talk and girl success, Ariel C. Williams uses this book to expose many personal, dirty truths dripping in naivety and debauchery. Her intentions are to prevent love crazy women from making the same silly mistakes while giving them encouragement to power forward in life…and in love.



Lust Talk About It by Crissy the Lust Goddess

An in depth look into the levels of Lust beyond what has been openly discussed for centuries. Through the views and opinions from the Lust Goddess whose lust for life has allowed her to search for answers to questions we won’t ask. Lust Talk About it.



Children & Family

Nappy & the First Day of Kindergarten by Arnitris Strong



Effective CoParenting Workbook by Takenya Hampton

Effective CoParenting is an encouragement workbook for the mother who wants a better relationship with the father of her children. In it mothers are challenged to look inside and reflect on past experiences to determine what future modifications need to happen in order to make it possible that their children can have not only a functional parental unit, but an effective one.



Business, Career & Entrepreneurship

I’ve Graduated Now What: 4 Steps to Take After Graduation to Find a Job and Start a Life You’ll Love

by LaTisha D. Styles



The Young Urban Investor’s Edition: Young Yet Wise by Candice Marie



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