4 Easy Ways to Find Your Online Tribe & Be Successful Together

find your online tribe and slay success together
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Having success seems to be a right of passage many millennial women want to experience. Our favorite magazines, websites, and even Instagram accounts constantly motivate us to strive for opportunities we’ve never seen before. Women of color, as usual, are killing the game in every way possible. But is it necessary to do it alone?

During our latest Twitter chat, Find Your Online Tribe & Slay Success As A Unit, we discussed what it means to be successful with your girls and how it can be done. Entrepreneurs Jacque Amadi, Adorned by Chi, and Ashlee Laughlin, Ashlee Laughlin Digital Empire, chatted with us about “glowing up” in group settings on and offline.

Here are some of our favorite pro-tips for finding your tribe online and being successful together.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential business girlfriends online

For good measure, Laughlin recommends using their personal posts on social media as clues on when and how to pursue your friendship. Find things you have in common with your friend to be, like tacos, Scandal, or Apple products, and use them as an introductory conversation piece. Comment on their posts, especially when they’re sharing positive news. This shows that you’re paying attention and enjoy seeing them win.


Use the social clout you currently have

The internet is a huge place to be an introvert! Don’t think that you have to be everywhere to find your tribe. Instead, use the social clout you already have and go from them. When we asked Amadi where her favorite places to e-meet biz buddies were, she said “good old blog comments”. Apps like Disqus make it easy to follow other commentors and save their contact information. Our favorite e-meeting places are niche Facebook groups, while Laughlin believes in the power of follow-up Skype and face-to-face get-togethers. Move organically; you can’t go wrong.


Be intentional, set boundaries

It’s important to have a goal in mind when curating your online tribe. Be specific about why you want to forge relationships with these people, as well as what you’re bringing to the table. Work within those boundaries; it helps determine how often and where you converse with them. These boundaries will also shape what you expect from each other and can be the catalyst to creating tribe accountability.


Grow in multiple tribes

In your regular life, it’s safe to bet that you have different tribes for different things. The same precedent works online. Stack your crews up for things you need them for and thrive within them. Doing this will keep your goals on track while keeping unnecessary burden at bay.

The chat was filled with great tips from our co-hosts and audience. Here are more of our favorite tweets below.


Have you found your tribe online yet?

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