7 Black Women Hilariously Tackle Edges With #SaveMyEdges Pledge


When you feel strongly about a cause, you advocate for and protect it. These seven Black women have banded together to do just that in this politically correct (and hilarious) video, encouraging all of us to protect something we hold sacred: our edges!

#SaveMyEdges is a downright funny movement dedicated to educating and supporting Black women on the journey to protecting and maintaining their delicate edges. Our stars, Jordin Sparks, Jazmine Sullivan, Eva Marcille, and more joined forces with CentricTV to discuss why we should be moisturizing and covering our edges instead of pulling and tugging on them, like many uninformed women of color do.

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According to the video, 1 out of 5 Black women have lost their edges, while another 1 in 3 Black women will face dwindling edges in their lifetime. In the words of Tatyana Ali, “it’s time to stand up and claim what is rightfully ours!” As funny as this video is, we can’t deny how important this message is for those of us learning how to take care of our natural hair and avoid ruining our edges! In the lighthearted spirit of this video, we’re sharing 5 ways we keep our edges intact.

SaveMyEdges.Org: Take The Pledge. Join The FightLadies it’s time for us to band together and protect what is so precious to us. Take The Pledge and Join The Fight!

Posted by CentricTV on Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 Ways to Protect Your Edges

1. Avoid tight braids and hairstyles. Most natural haired women will agree that protective styles are a must! However, when choosing yours, be careful not to grip and pull at your edges too tightly. For the sake of good money spent and not having to manipulate your hair for a while, it is important that the style lasts as long as possible. This still doesn’t welcome the option of wearing your braids or sew-ins too tight. Ask your stylist to loosen up your braids if they’re braided too tightly to avoid headaches and hairline damage.

2. Massage your hairline. Every part of your body deserves a little caressing every now and then. Your scalp is no different. Take time in the morning or before bed to gentle rub and massage your edges using your finger tips. Feel free to massage in your favorite moisturizer or oil.

3. Moisturize your edges. Keeping your edges hydrated is a must. This will help reduce dandruff and shedding and stimulate your hair shafts, which increases growth. Natural oils like coconut, olive and jojoba are fantastic go-tos for hydration and deep conditioning. Some of our favorite moisturizing products to use are: As I Am’s Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer, Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Hair Lotion and Define My Curls Creme by Motions.

4. Protect your hair with a satin cover at night. While differing opinions run rampant on this topic, it is ideal to at least own a satin scarf or hair bonnet and use them from time to time. Covering your edges with satin will keep them in place without the damaging or drying effects or messing up your hairstyle. If scarves or bonnets are too hot or easily come off your head at night, opt for a satin pillow case instead.

5. Leave them alone. Keeping your hands out of your head is easier said than done, but doing so is pivotal for maintaining those edges. By all means, have fun in your hair, but do it delicately and only when necessary. Your hair needs time to breathe and grow on its own, so keeping your hands out-of-the-way is essential for that process.

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