8 Things to Stop Doing Now for a Productive 2017

10 Things to Quit for a Productive 2017

If 2016 was a tough year for you, we’ve got that and probably several more things in common. This year, I’m determined to have one of the best years of my life and I’ll achieve this by letting go of things that no longer serve me. I sparingly use the phrase “new year’s resolutions”, but I do believe in goal setting for your mental, physical and overall happiness. I can admit that happiness wasn’t always a priority for me last year, so getting into formation for 2017 is critical. While reflecting and hard self-examination, I pinpointed 8 thoughts or behaviors that were detrimental to me that have to end now. This elimination process might serve you well, too.

8 Things to Quit for a Happy, Productive 2017

Letting Fear Win. Mom blogger/boss Christine St. Vil took to social media more than a year ago and challenged her followers to “do it afraid”. Though simple, that phrase resonates because it acknowledges fear without running from it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not done something, whether it was in business or otherwise because I was afraid. So many times I found myself regretting that I hadn’t taken advantage of an opportunity to learn, grow, love or make money. My journey of becoming fully unafraid has been slow and hard fought, but worth it. This year will get me that much closer!

Not Appreciating Your Accomplishments. It’s normal to feel like you should have accomplished more than you have, especially if you measure your success by age. However, not acknowledging your wins short changes your effort and creates the notion that you don’t work hard enough. That the 80+ hours you pour into your business, brand, education, personal development, etc. aren’t enough. Before you take on more than you can bear, please realize that you earned those wins, that they should be celebrated, and you are enough. Starting this year, write down every cool accomplishment and store it in a glass jar or party box. When anxiety arises, spend some time reviewing what you’ve done and relax.

Overextending Yourself. Here are two words that will change your life: Set boundaries! Save yourself from taking on too many creative projects (with little to no return) by saying no. Overextending yourself can lead to resenting work (and people) you love, stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and lack of creativity. It can also distract you from building that brand or company of your dreams. Avoid this by identifying 2-3 really cool things you want to implement this year and spreading them out per quarter.

Failing to Plan. If Issa’s character in Insecure didn’t teach us anything about life and goals, she taught us that you can’t wing it forever! At some point, you have to boss up. Doing so requires a plan or strategy. The first step to creating even a basic plan is deciding what you want and taking short steps to achieving those goals. Two great sources for planning your goals are the Visionary Journal 2.0 and Oh So Paper’s sticker sheets and daily list printables.

Overthinking the basics. Overthinking can literally talk you out of you next move. Sometimes, you have to go for it and build as you go. This doesn’t mean to forego planning altogether. It’s just a reminder to get out of your own way and do those things you’ve always dreamed of doing. You want to start an online store? Take $15 to buy your domain, secure social media handles and find a fulfillment center. These are basic things that you can do in 5 minutes without overthinking the process.

Neglecting health. Freelancing, running an online shop, building a brand, and juggling multiple digital projects make it hard to find time (or desire) to exercise. However, because these things keep us in a sedentary position, it is critical that we unplug for at least 30 minutes a day to get physical. My dedication to prioritizing health includes meal (and snack) prepping, exercising and getting adequate sleep. What are yours?

Making the same mistakes. Quick answer: Don’t. Here’s a crash course in leaving the same mistakes behind.

  1. Identify the pattern.
  2. Question the pattern.
  3. Break the pattern.
  4. Create a positive, resolving pattern and do it often.
  5. Fight like hell not to repeat the prior pattern.

Not being present. How often do you unplug from work or social media? I have to remind myself that work will always be plentiful. That it will still be there after a trip to the store, park, dinner with loved ones, or walk around the neighborhood. It still takes a conscious effort for me to completely unplug but when I do I’m more energized and can actually think freely.

Getting in formation for 2017 is a must around here! Are you ready to be happy and productive this year?

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