Is it possible for women of color to SLAY in style, success and sensuality? To put it plainly, the answer is yes and we see women do this every day. Slay Culture™ exists to encourage, uplift and celebrate black and brown women who meet the status quo of being their best in everything they do.

We strive to provide a safe space where women of color can look and feel good about themselves, no matter if they’re wearing Chanel or Forever 21. We respect and love each other, despite how the media portrays our sisterhood. From high school diplomas to doctorate degrees, we are educated and fight for opportunities we deserve. We are soft and sensual, but stand up for ourselves, our beliefs and our decisions. We create our own happiness — in life, love and goals. We are each other’s keeper and look within our own tribe for comfort, kindness, laughter, support and truth.

Our mission at Slay Culture™ is to continuously strengthen the sisterhood amongst millenial women of color through authentic storytelling that sparks transformative dialogue. Our features in wellness, entertainment, entrepreneurship, fashion and style advocate for our longing for real girl talk that stimulates the heart and mind.

In this space, your stories, experiences and ideas are valid. We’re here to ensure that they’re told with respect, authenticity and the perfect dash of slay.

We are Slay Culture™.



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