‘Bow Down to Your Mother’: Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Season 1, Episode 3 Recap


growing-up-hip-hop-atlanta-s1e3-bow-down-to-your-mother-slay-cultureEpisode 3 was appropriately titled “bow down to your mother” because throughout it’s course, that’s exactly what happened. The episode kicked off with Deb Antney letting her son, Brandon, have it for arguing with Reginae. In Brandon’s defense, Reginae did personally attack his career. However, she only began to use that approach when she felt Brandon criticized Zonnique’s attire at her photo shoot. Deb heard his side of the story — and later confirmed it by watching the footage — but stuck to her argument stating that regardless of what Reginae said, she’s still a child. Deb’s point of view is logical but Brandon boldly exclaimed that he’s not apologizing for his part in the drama!

Brandon joins Zonnique, who’s rocking the cutest blond twist out, at a restaurant to talk about his blowup with Reginae. Nique Nique ran out of f*cks to give before she got there, so she’s low-key serving him dust. But in true Brandon fashion, he’s matching her disposition and is ready to leave before he sits down. It’s a wonder that these two have worked together as long as they have, honestly. Brandon says she was dressed like “a hooker” at the photo shoot. Zonnique expresses how she feels about him, i.e. “f*ck that n*gga.” From here, it seems the two will part ways.

Simply put, Shad refuses to grow up. One of his first stops after landing in Atlanta is the strip club. I can imagine that Joie was seething as she watched this episode with the rest of the world! He texts Ayana and invites her to join him later that night to drop a few bands at Blue Flame. Because she’s mad at Bae, Ayana’s like, “Aight, cool. But aren’t you supposed to be at the studio, fam?” Shad’s all like, “Oh, that’s work. I need the vibe before I go in the studio. The strip club is the vibe. Meet me there.” Chile.

Ayana reveals that she’s been in a “two-year situation-ship” with Bae, who happens to be a beautiful woman named Amy. Amy just moved from New York to Atlanta and is busy unpacking in her new place. But see, Ayana doesn’t have the patience for that. In one sitting, she texted and called Amy half a dozen times moments before popping up at her new place. Amy’s like, “Girl you look crazy! This isn’t cool.” And it’s not. Ayana is insecure — she stated as much — and tells Bae that she’s only allowed to have male friends. Before their scene ends, she quickly searches the apartment for women, pleads with Amy for commitment and kind of sits with a broken hearted look on her face when she realizes that’s not a possibility. If I were her friend, I’d tell her to move on because Amy’s lack of commitment answers Ayana’s question of, “Am I your girlfriend?” The answer is no. You’ve wasted two years of your life and you should move on while you’re still young.

Ayana and Shaniah meet up over fried things to talk about the Brandon-Zonnique-Reginae photo shoot debacle. Being someone who’s passionate about their family, I understood Ayana instantly wanting to protect Brandon and diffuse the situation. After some time, even she realized how stupid the two sounded and just wants all the drama to be over. Shaniah is the quiet one of the bunch so far. She plans a Girls Night Out where she hopes both Reginae and Ayana will be in attendance….but Ayana is skeptical. The 25-year-old doesn’t want any drama and probably doesn’t want to hang out with a teenager no matter how rich she is. Reluctantly, she agrees to attend the future event to bury the invisible hatchet between them.

Two hours after “vibing” at the strip club, Bow Wow drags into JD’s studio. JD forewarned him to be on time and know his lyrics, but the child turned adult rapper neglected both requests. JD asks, “Are you really trying to rap? Cause you’ll be in the strip club in a minute.” That last sentence was a joke but imagine his disappointment when Bow said he’d just left the strip club. While I understand that Bow Wow is a grown man now, I’m disgusted by the way he’s wasting an opportunity to do the job he moved across the country for. He told Joie he’d be working for 3 to 4 months and then he’d return to LA but her fear of him popping bottles and spending 1’s came through quicker than expected. Why, Shad, why!? It doesn’t have to be this way, yet here we are. Bless it.

Snoop Dogg (or Lion?) and JD team up for a Shad-tervention! Bow thought he’d be having a regular meal with his legendary mentors, but they pulled a fast one, telling him to get his shit together and fast. It seemed like their advice stuck but only time will tell.

Reginae and Ayana have a fake sit down at this Girl’s Night Out. It’s obvious that the two want nothing to do with one another. And honestly, there’s no reason for them to talk. Ayana didn’t do anything for Reginae not to trust or dislike her, yet she’s taken that as her portion. #OKsis Not only is the Lil’ Wayne Gate thing stupid but at this point, it’s played. Brandon’s comment should have no bearing on Ayana’s position in any of the cast member’s lives and I hope Reginae realizes that after watching herself on screen.

Zonnique finally calls it quits with Brandon in a golden yellow living room that I assume belongs to Miss Deb. Neither of them apologizes, Zonnique cries and ends the conversation with letting Brandon know she’s dropping him for his mom. Brandon remains stonefaced but that’s got to hurt just a little. The irony of it all is that Tiny, Zonnique’s mom and manager, hired Brandon to give Zonnique voice lessons. Now Zonnique might be firing them both for Deb Antney! This is wild!

The best part of the entire episode — and definitely why I tuned in — was the Battle of the Moms. The tension between Toya and Deb bubbled over and the two had a chit chat at Deb’s annual turkey giveaway. The plot twist was that Tiny showed up to join the conversation, only for Deb to cut her short in the middle of her speech. Tiny gave a low mumbled laugh that read, “B*tch, I know you didn’t just shush me….I’ll let you live, though!” I screamed! As juicy as that scene was, though, I understood that every mom was doing what moms do and that’s to protect their child whether right, wrong, or indifferent.

What I respect most about Deb is that she doesn’t want a confrontation but doesn’t shy away from it when or if necessary. Deb checked her son at home, laid out his and Reginae’s wrongs to the other moms, and deaded the situation before it became an even bigger one. Toya tried to go for Deb’s neck but it didn’t work! Miss Deb hit her with, “You aint getting under me Toya!” and went about her business. The scene ends with all three moms looking at each other crazy enough for us all to tune in next week!

What are your thoughts on the conversation between the moms? Watch the full episode here in case you missed it.

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