How To Style A Flower Headband From Adorned By Chi

The product in this post was gifted to me by Adorned By Chi, but all opinions are honest and my own. I was not paid to review this product. This post does not include affiliate links.


Adorned by Chi, an online accessory shop comprised of handmade goodies, has become my newest obsession. I’m a sucker for pretty things to spice up my fro, so when Jacque Amadi, the shop’s fabulous owner, gifted me a flower crown from her collection, I almost lost it!

Without knowing my personal tastes, but clearly hitting the ball out of the park, Jacque sent me the appropriately named Purple Blossom flower crown. In addition to coveting nice hair things, my favorite color is purple and I love flowers. Being one of the most fabulous hair accessories I’ve ever owned, Purple Blossom is a basically a conglomeration of my obsessions and I cannot get enough of it.

I emailed Jacque and thanked her as soon as I received this beauty. It arrived in a poppin’ pink envelope (that I refuse to throw away) with girly tissue paper. The branding and packaging was beautiful and it made me excited to see what was inside. When I pulled the flower crown out, there were instant gasps as I ran to the closest mirror to try it on.

I knew I’d wear this headband multiple times and decided to snap a few pictures along the way.

How to Wear a Flower Headband With 4C Natural Hair

Typically, I wear my hair loose and fluffy or smoothed down with an elastic headband or fun-print bandana. Because Purple Blossom isn’t an elastic headband (and I have a really big head), it was difficult to wear by simply pushing it over my thick hair. After trying this twice, my edges became undone and I realized the size of the band was too small for my head. I fixed the problem by securing one of my black elastic headbands onto my head first, which pushed my hair down and kept my edges intact. The flower crown slid on easily, awakening my inner flower child.






A few days later, I wanted to rock Purple Blossom again without constraint. Instead of attacking all this 4C goodness, I visually enhanced it by putting the flower crown in the middle of my head. It slid on easily and was comfortable to wear the entire day.



In a Starbuck's bathroom!
In a Starbuck’s bathroom!



I’ve worn this headband to church, the park, and while running errands and I must admit — the people love it! Some reactions have been mixed, like what is she wearing in her hair? or who does she think she is wearing that in her hair? The majority has been approving smiles and verbal compliments from strangers and friends.

If you can’t tell, please know that I love this headband and wear it often. Adorned by Chi is definitely a store that I would recommend to other naturalistas wanting to beautify their baby hairs and afros.

From left to right, these flower crowns from Adorned by Chi are my favorite:

Cordelia, Hawaii Five-O, and Kiss from a Rose

Aren’t they beautiful? Just by looking at them, I want to maniacally purchase lip stains and bronzers from Sephora to match. Pretty things like these (and a bomb lip stick, polish or pair of jeans) make me want to leave the house!

So, Who is Adorned by Chi?

Adorned by Chi

Owned and operated by the beautiful fashion entrepreneur and brand builder Jacque Amadi, Adorned by Chi advocates for grown ups like me to play dress up with their selection of handmade floral crowns, head wear, cheeky handbags and trinkets.

At Adorned by Chi we believe you can be elegant and charming, but also quirky and playful. To us, every day is a good day to play dress up, and there’s never such a thing as too much glitter! We’re daydreamers, puppy lovers, and our ultimate goal in life is to ride a unicorn while taking on the world (a girl can dream right?).

Purple Blossom is a consistent hit and new staple in my hairdrobe! Just like the fans across social media, I love everything this shop has to offer and look forward to building my own personal collection.

You can shop the collection now at Adorned by Chi


What’s your favorite item from the shop?

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