Slay Culture University is a premiere connector between small and black-owned businesses and millennial influencers like you. We create social and ad campaigns that do two things: 1) generate engagement and brand awareness for our clients and 2) fairly compensate creators for doing it.

Our expertise lies in content seeding, social media marketing, and developing effective ambassador programs. We’d like to invite you to join our network as we’re looking for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to closely work with for future opportunities.

The network is 100% free to join and requires no maintenance from you until you’re chosen for a campaign.

How It Works

Once you’re chosen for an opportunity, we’ll provide you with the client’s needs, deadlines, pay rate (USD), and mail any necessary product(s) or materials to successfully perform the job. In this agreement will be a list of deliverables that we’d need you to complete. Our team will be available for support in case you have any questions or need additional help with completing tasks. When the campaign ends, we’ll review your work — which will be awesome! — and forward payment.


We use PayPal as our merchant. You’ll be paid in full within 2 weeks of the campaign’s ending. Though we will send full payment, it will not cover PayPal’s fees.

Influencer Profile

You have the opportunity to create a profile highlighting your dopeness! This information will be used strictly for business needs and nothing else. We won’t illegally use your photos or information without your permission. Instead, we’ll measure your social clout and personal interests to determine if you’re a great fit for our fashion and lifestyle clients. (To include: a great headshot, social handles, blog and/or vlog URLs, and analytics for both.)

Why You Should Work With Us

What makes us different is that we exclusively work with small and black-owned businesses. Our clients offer amazing products but often struggle finding the right people to create content about them. They want to pay for quality work that highlights their brands and products without the headache of wasting money on low-performing producers. We make their job easier by weeding through the best influencers of color online and connecting them for overall great results. In addition to working hard for our clients, we’ll work just as hard for you, too. Our goal is to ensure that our influencers are able to make income from doing what they love: creating content!

About the Founder

Ariel Williams owns and operates Danzy Bird & Co, an online agency that supports creative entrepreneurs with digital media, services, and events. Some of their clients include Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey and Tees in the Trap.

“While helping my clients run their businesses, I’ve often heard their constant pain of attaining the right people to represent their brands.”

Additionally, Ariel has served as the Digital Content Manager for Blogalicious for the past two years. Blogalicious elevates multicultural women influencers and creatives online and annually during conference weekend. “Just last year I was entrusted with assembling an engaging social media ambassador team for the conference and exceeded all expectations. This is the same enthusiasm we’re bringing to Slay Culture University and more!”

We’d love to work with you. We believe that we’d create magic together for the culture and for your pockets! To join our free exclusive network of influencers, or to Sign Up, click here for more information. Please allow 48 hours for us to respond.

Stay Lit!

Connect with us everywhere online at @SlayCulture