The Real Reason Why The Season Finale Of ‘Insecure’ Pissed Women Off


The season finale of HBO’s Insecure was a bitch. Issa cheated on Lawrence with Daniel, and while that was wrong, Lawrence spite-fucking Tasha the Teller was the most hoe-ish shit I’ve seen on television in a long time. If we’re ranking peak levels of pettiness, that move was in the vein of Empire’s Luscious Lyon or Chris Brown in real life. Because who in hell would pump up their estranged girlfriend’s head with a random ass strip club call, filled with “I miss yous”, just to have left that raggedy Best Buy shirt in the closet for when she came home to reconcile? Weak Lawrence, that’s who!

I live in the real world, so I wasn’t surprised that Lawrence Jody’d the hell out of FICO Tasha. Truth be told, he wanted to indulge Teller Tasha ever since she stroked his unemployed ego at the bank, around episode 2. That “you’re a good black man” sentiment made him feel good considering that Issa had stopped boosting his confidence in that manner long ago. Lawrence needed Tasha, so him secretly pocketing her phone number “as a friend” was bound to happen. *rolls eyes*

What hurt was actually seeing it play out so savagely. Real talk, it’s been three whole days since the titillation and me and the crew are still texting, inboxing, and going ham in Group Me about it. I’ve personally watched the finale four times and felt played every single time, probably because Lawrence is the nice “R&B singing all your feelings type of nigga” that we’ve all dealt with and judged ourselves for. Nice, but sorry as hell and wants you to stick around to deal with his mess because he dresses nice, has dreams he doesn’t pursue, and decent manners.


I’ll be honest: Issa’s cheating (and not being honest with herself) was wrong. What was worse was that she didn’t tell him. She was prepared to take the secret to her grave, yet let her text messages and “secret” conversation with Daniel at the gala happen recklessly. At the rate she was going, Lawrence was bound to find out so it would’ve been better to confess and give him space to choose what he wanted to do instead of lying. Truthfully, it was time for her to learn that her passive aggressive actions warrant consequences and she did in the worst way.

Had Issa been honest with herself first, then Lawrence, she would’ve either been single (and happy) a lot sooner and/or getting that #SavageLife thrusting like Night Class Tasha, which could’ve been done with or without Lawrence. Sis might’ve gotten a better job and been privy to “nice things” like her bourgeoise friend Tiffany. Instead, she avoided the hard conversations, settled in life and love, all while needing her back broke in. THIS is how you end up “chilling” in the studio with your fine ass ex-jump off a few weeks after you hit him up on Facebook. Grow up and deal with yo’ shit, sis, cause you foul.

Lawrence’s “good guy” act and pledge of loyalty is still wack, though. In the scene on the balcony with his terrible friend Chad, Lawrence said, “I didn’t get my shit together for her but I got my shit together for her.” Like him getting a job was supposed to absolve him from being burdensome for the past four years. My man. Adults who intend to live are supposed to work so save those #NiceGuyProverbs. You were loyal to Issa, but the facts are you had nowhere else to go and no money to get there. Other than your mother, who’s going to coddle you like this Lawrence? I’m not waiting for an answer because I know it already: No one! So. Save. That. Loyalty. Unless Teller of the Month Tasha chooses to accept it.


Issa and Lawrence obviously love each other, they just stopped trying and suffered because of it. While I hated to see their relationship end the way it did, a part of me hopes this disaster will provide them both with the clarity and freedom they need from each other. Until Season 2 returns, I’ll be getting over the heartbreak with BJ The Chicago Kid’s song Heart Crush, that so perfectly ended the season. Tell me how you’re handling this mess in the comments or on Instagram!

Ariel C. Williams is the Editor-in-Chief of Slay Culture and author of The Girl Talk Chronicles (Amazon). Sound parenting, storytelling without bounds, and providing a space where Black women and Black boys (like she and her son) are celebrated for their greatness are things that keep her going. Tweet her @ArielSaysNow.

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