The TxturePRO Wave Comb Detangles Like A Boss!

Pictured: TxturePRO’s 3 Pack, including the Wave Comb, Extension Brush & Detangler Brush.

Since my second Big Chop in January 2015, I’ve tried tons of tools and products to manage the various stages of my hair. In that time I learned that I’m probably a 4C natural, and while knowing that has made this journey easier, it’s also opened my eyes to the limitations this pattern often finds. My hair is slightly thicker than most of my natural friends, so conversations about what works for their hair and mine can be complex. One thing we all can agree on is that we hate detangling!

Detangling my hair is something I have to plan, like most naturals. It takes time and until I started really loving my hair several odd months ago, it hurt to do it – literally and mentally. I learned that wide tooth combs work best for doing the hard work while small tooth combs are best for, well, easy work. And one of the best wide tooth combs I’ve used to date is this Wave Comb from TxturePRO by Wet Brush.

Listen, I’ve broken MANY a comb while detangling, so to find one that is sturdy and supportive is everything! And the best part is that the Wave Comb isn’t all TxturePRO offers.

I was gifted their now infamous 3 Pack via Sally’s Beauty at Blogalicious 9 this year. While I haven’t used the Extension Brush yet, I can vouch for the Detangler Brush. My method for having easy-to-run-through-hair was by combing out the kinks with the Wave Comb first, then going through it once more with the Detangler Brush. Doing this with wet hair and a great leave-in and butter is a winning combination!

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Here are a few photos from the first time I used 2 of the 3 TxturePRO products after Blogalicious. (I used a ton of new products before a big, local event but was pleasantly surprised with everything!)

Dyed my hair Black.


After washing and conditioning, I detangled and hydrated using these products. Of course the TxturePRO Wave Comb (fave!) and Detangler Brush, True Hydrating Butter by Made Beautiful, and Shea Moisture Spray Leave-In.


Selfies at The Gala.


The next day – fluffed up with the Wave Comb. I didn’t reapply any products, just sprayed with water. Look at that volume!

In short, I’d recommend TxturePRO’s 3 pack to naturalistas, especially those with super thick hair like mine, any day of the week. I literally use it all the time now! You will love the Wave Comb’s tooth pattern and the fact that it’s VERY difficult to break! To purchase the products individually or in the pack, visit They’ll make a great holiday gift or a general addition to your hair tool stash.

Have you used any of these products? Would you? Were you satisfied with your results?

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