Here's what we do: 

  • Facilitate influencer marketing collaborations through curated blog content, social media campaigns, and events
  • Save brands time and money by handpicking the right influencers for the job
  • Help influencers connect with their favorite brands while generating income

Slay Culture University is an incubator that connects black-owned brands & businesses with millennial influencers. Our main objective is to seamlessly bridge the gap between our clients and influencers while delivering quality results.

the first exclusive network for black millennials & brands

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As business owners and content creators ourselves, we "get" what's missing in this equation and that is the opportunity to connect with professional people. 

Small brands are tired of throwing money at influencers who aren't reputable. Influencers are sick of being picked over for not having millions of followers. Our job is to match good people with more good people through extensive matching and relationship building.

Why are we the best solution?

Real-ationships with clients. 

Really awesome people.

Passionate about Black dollars.

We believe in Black dollars & are doing our part in helping the cause. Sources revealed that African American buying power topped $1 trillion dollars in 2016. In an effort to help circulate spending in our communities, we're here to bridge the widening gap between black-owned businesses, consumers, and millennial influencers through smart campaigns and programs. 

Black Dollars Matter!



Vashti Patrick-Joseph, 

founder of Ven & Rose

Neosha Gardner, 

founder of CreateHer Stock

Ariel Williams, 

founder of Danzy Bird & Co

What They're Saying

"This is an AMAZING idea and I'm all over it!! Perfect space for fellow influencers and small businesses to really get the chance to not only connect, but truly build those relationships and create awesome content for one another in a great way!"

Our friends around the Internet are already excited about what Slay Culture University will bring to the market. Take a look!

"I'm excited about two things: collaboration and circulation. Here's a neat way for black creators and small businesses to work together and spend money directly with each other. We need this!"

"I think this is a really great concept that will help bridge the gap between smaller brands who are looking to utilize influencer marketing. As a blogger and business owner, I am familiar with both sides and there is definitely a need for a service like this."

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We need each other! Brands, we'll closely work with you to create amazing campaigns. Influencers, we'll ensure that you have the tools to successfully complete them. Let's do this!

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